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Learn and practice the Braille Alphabet

Here you can learn the Braille Alphabet (braille writing / dot writing / blind writing), directly online on the computer!

This offer exists for humans, they are seeing or visually impaired and can recogniz the Braillecharacter represented by images! The learning works here exclusively optically only.

Learn the alphabet optically, the later transmission on the fingers (tactile reading) are any simpler.
Where can I learn the braille? Online over the Internet.
Where can anybody learn the dot writing? Direktly on your computer.
Where can anybody learn the blind writing? On english.fakoo.de.
Whow long I have to learn for the Braille? Here you can get it in 2 days.
Whow can anybody learn braille? Learn you read the braille optically.

Representation the Braille-Character:

Representation of Mouse-Keybord:

cheat sheet 1
cheat sheet 2
cheat sheet 3

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Use of the tutorial:
  • you start the random query by clicking on [start query]
  • expand gradually the amount of retrieved characters
  • if possible answers without cheat sheet
  • drive with the mouse over the red or green keys, a tooltip appears
  • click on the green dots, you can switch it individually on and off
  • you can use the keybord too

Downloads / prints:

for use this site you need images!

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